The book investigates relations between the 'East' and 'West' which have been forming and evolving from the Enlightenment until the present times. On the basis of material covering a selection of American, British, and Turkish literature, as well as examples of Western Orientalist painting and musical (operatic) illustrations of analysed issues, the study aims to usher in a deeper and more nuanced understanding of post/colonial phenomena and their broader socio-cultural implications. The work attempts to accentuate the resonances and dissonances between various arts and disciplines, with the view to illuminating the organic nature of both inter- and intra-cultural relationships. The rationale behind such an orientation in research and methodology has not been to arrive at a final eclectic perspective, but rather, to promote a more comprehensive and diverse approach towards the 'Other.'

Dodatkowe informacje

  • Imię Autora 1 Julia
  • Nazwisko Autora 1 Szołtysek
  • Książka współredagowana Nie
  • Tytuł A Mosaic of Misunderstanding: Occident, Orient, and Facets of Mutual Misconstrual
  • Wydawca Peter Lang
  • Miejsce wydania Frankfurt am Main
  • Rok wydania 2016
  • Seria Tak
  • Nazwa serii Literary and Cultural Theory, General Editor: Wojciech Kalaga
  • ISBN 978-3-631-67473-4 (Print); 978-3-653-06684-5 (E-Book)

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