The essays gathered in the present collection provide textual explorations of the theoretical borderland between interiors and exteriors, undertaken from a variety of perspectives and representing varying approaches and understandings of these terms. In the realm of theory, the distinction between what we choose to include and what we exclude remains a political choice, often fraught with dilemmas that cannot be resolved. How to discern between interiors and exteriors? Where do we draw dividing lines? Do we want to draw them anymore? Or, alternately, can we afford not to divide and discern between the inside and outside, between here and there, between “us” and “them”? If the binary divisions, so much discredited, no longer hold, if we must include multiplicity and plurality of readings, is any distinction between these dimensions possible? Essays collected in the present volume attempt to present a wide plethora of answers to these questions.

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  • Imię Autora 1 Sonia
  • Nazwisko Autora 1 Front
  • Imię Autora 2 Katarzyna
  • Nazwisko Autora 2 Nowak
  • Książka współredagowana Tak
  • Tytuł Interiors: Interiority/Exteriority in Literary and Cultural Discourse
  • Wydawca Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Miejsce wydania Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Rok wydania 2010
  • Liczba stron 275
  • Seria Nie
  • ISBN 978-1-4438-2280-0

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