Moduły do wyboru 2017/2018

Studia stacjonarne I stopnia

3 rok specjalność kultura-media-translacja: „LITERATURA/KULTURA”


1. Dr Julia Szołtysek

Modernists and their ‘Orients’ – Representations of East/West Encounters in English-language literature

The course focuses on Modernist English-language writers who travelled and/or lived in the Middle East. The aim of the course is to expand students’ knowledge of English-language literature, with special emphasis on the authors’ relationships to the lands and spaces they wrote about, and the motivations behind their engagement. The texts analysed include works by Vita Sackville-West (Passenger to Teheran), Gertrude Bell (excerpts from Persian Pictures), Lawrence Durrell (excerpts from The Alexandria Quartet), Paul Bowles (The Sheltering Sky), and Rose Macaulay (The Towers of Trebizond). By placing the authors and their texts in specific cultural, historical, and political contexts, the course will help students to better understand the complexities and contradictions inherent in ‘exotic’ travel, and, by extension, some of (mis)conceptions informing today’s discourses on Western representations of the Orient.


2. Dr hab. Paweł Jędrzejko


Moduł, którego ośrodkowym tekstem jest trylogia Gwiezdnych Wojen George’a Lucasa, poświęcony jest analizie motywów przewodnich kultury amerykańskiej, które determinują unikatowość Ameryki jako swoistego intelektualnego projektu. Moduł odwołuje się do kilku kanonicznych dzieł literatury (The Declaration of Independence, The Leatherstocking Tales,  „Nature”, Moby Dick, literatura Beatników) oraz popularnych obrazów filmowych (Godzilla, The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance, Matrix), a prowadzona w jego ramach dyskusja oscylować będzie wokół „typów” bohatera (tzw. „American types”) w odniesieniu do takich kwestii, jak wolność jednostki, dychotomia „terytorium/stan”, amerykański ekscepcjonalizm, amerykański Transcendentalizm, zwrot ku kulturom Wschodu w kontekście dziewiętnastowiecznych i dwudziestowieczny kryzysów wiary oraz relacja pomiędzy wymogami rynku i twórczością artystyczną (ekonomia a sztuka).


3 rok specjalność kultura-media-translacja: „ MEDIA”


  1. 1.Dr Tomasz Gnat

Module title: Cyberculture – social, cultural and economic context of the Internet.

The purpose of the module is to outline and investigate the fundamental change in the way we conceptualize and experience our world, the change directly related to the emergence of global communication networks. The basic premise of this module is that the global spread of information and communication technology (ICT), is both a sign of the postmodern era and the premise for that era of intensive worldwide interactions and exchanges of people, goods, services, information, and capital. As such, the following topics will be covered during the module: crisis of the old, emergence of the new media, economy and business ethics of new media,  the cultural effects of new media, transparency, privacy and information gathering in the context of new media, Fair Use, regulation of new media, the effects of social media and interactive entertainment. 

Moduły do wyboru


Studia II stopmia, 2 rok


Specjalność kultura i literatura ang. obszaru językowego: ZAGADNIENIA KULTURY WSPÓŁCZESNEJ


Dr Julia Szołtysek


The course concentrates on several prominent 20th and 21st century travel writers and the journeys they undertook and described in their works. Whereas most of them were generally well-behaved and compassionate, the selection includes an example of one notoriously improper and incorrigible traveller who unashamedly took pleasure in the power his position and background permitted him to exert over the ‘natives’ he encountered, while at the same taking due credit for promoting North African culture and literature. The aim of the course is threefold: to familiarise the students with some of the best examples of travel accounts written in English; to introduce the basic tenets of travel writing and the building blocks of travel discourses; and finally, to promote a broader understanding of cultural differences and the role they continue to play in identity formation.



Specjalność Amerykanistyka:  SPOŁECZEŃSTWO WIELOKULTUROWE – wykład monograficzny


Dr Agnieszka Woźniakowska


The lecture focuses on American drama in the 20th century. Its aim is to present and examine selected plays in their historical, social and cultural context. It will discuss changes which have taken place in American theatre and drama from the first decade of the 20th century to the present day. Playwrights whose dramas will be discussed include Eugene O’Neill, Thornton Wilder, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, David Mamet, Woody Allen.



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