Chair: dr hab. Marzena Kubisz

Our researchers:

Katarzyna Bąk (PhD Candidate)
Anna Chromik (Assistant Professor)
Wojciech Kalaga (Full Professor Emeritus)
Anna Kisiel (PhD Candidate)

Michał Kisiel (PhD Candidate)
Agnieszka Kliś-Brodowska (Assistant Professor)
Marzena Kubisz (Associate Professor, Chair of the Department)
Bartłomiej Kuchciński (Teaching Assistant)
Marek Kulisz (Senior Lecturer)
Łukasz Matuszczyk (PhD Candidate)
Marcin Mazurek (Assistant Professor)
Jacek Mydla (Associate Professor)
Bartosz Stopel (Assistant Professor)
Marta Zając (Associate Professor)

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Chair: Paweł Jędrzejko, D.Litt, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of American Literature

The Department of American and Canadian Studies specializes in Hemispheric, Transatlantic and Transpacific research on the Americas, approaching the cultures of the dual continent as inextricably connected "communicating vessels." A thus defined research profile allows us to diagnose the dynamics of the interdependence between phenomena and processes taking occurring "within" the Americas, but also "across the oceans": between Europe and Africa and the Americas - as well as between the Americas and Asia and Oceania. The research areas upon which the members of the Department focus are specified in the Department's Research Profile website.

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