Ph.D. Anna Malinowska

Assistant Professor

Department of Rhetoric in Culture and the Media



Office Hours

Fall term 2017/18

Monday 10.00-11.15am

Thursday 12.00-13.30pm

Office hours cancelled on 30 Nov and 7 Dec (conference) 

Room: 4.1

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Titles and Degrees

2012 Ph.D. in Humanities (University of Silesia)

Dissertation title: Characters of Camp. The Study of Posing

 2003 M.A. in English (University of Silesia)

Dissertation title: Absurdity in Plays by Ionesco and Beckett

Research Interests

Culture, Representation, Media

In particular:

Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies

Popular Culture in Unpopular Contexts

Digital Culture and Digital Materialism

Cultural Transfer


the Robocene

Affect Theory


Courses Taught

Spring term 2016/17:

Introduction to Literary Theory (1KM2)

Popular Culture (W+ĆW/3SW)

Methodology of Academic Text (3SW)







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