Associate Professor Marzena Kubisz

Assistant Professor

Department of Literary and Cultural Theory

Chair of the Department of Literary and Cultural Theory

Er(r)go. Teoria Kultura Literatura - Assistant Editor

ZOOPHILOLOGICA. Polish Journal of Animal Studies - Assistant Editor

Head of Philological Research Group BESTO

Institute Coordinator for Silesian Festival of Science


Office Hours

Thursday 13;15 - 14:45

Room: 4.62

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Titles and Degrees

1996 - MA in English (University of Silesia)

2001 - Ph.D in Humanities (University of Silesia). Title of the dissertation:Strategies of Resistance. Body, Identity and Representation in Western Culture

2015 - D. Litt in Humanities (University of Silesia): Title of the dissertation: Resistance in the Deceleration Lane. Velocentrism, Slow Culture and Everyday Practice


Research Interests

theory of culture

speed in culture

discourses of sustainable living


animal studies

vegan studies/ food studies

philosophy of photography

contemporary British literature

Courses Taught

British History

British Culture

Contemporary British Literature

MA Seminar

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