Student Research Group "DevProper"

Student research group "DevProper" was established with an aim to broaden participants' knowledge of issues connected with interactive entertainment, game studies, as well as to develop their game design skills.

The research group focuses on the following areas:

  • analysis and research into theoretical aspects of interactive entertainment,
  • practical exercises connected with designing interactive entertainment,
  • creating and developing prototypes of both traditional and computer games,
  • developing skills connected with creating narratives and writing for interactive entertainment,
  • preparation and delivery of presentations concerning practical and theoretical aspects of interactive entertainment,
  • analysis and critique of interactive entertainment products.

The research group is open to all students of Silesian University. Weekly meetings take place on Fridays (13:00), in room 1.44 of the Philology Department in Sosnowiec, Grota-Roweckiego 5.

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