Philological Research Group “BESTO”

The Philological Research Group called “BESTO” was established as an evolutionary form of “Eccocentrics,” which was a student interest group founded by dr hab. Marzena Kubisz in 2011. This informal group organized academic meetings and discussions, and initiated a tradition of organizing a second-hand book fair at the Philological Department in Sosnowiec. The obtained money is given to animal welfare foundations. In 2014, the group Eccocentrics changed its character and transformed into the Philological Research Group BESTO.

The group consists of the employees of the Philological Department of the Silesian University who work at the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures,the Institute of English, the Institute of Romance Languages and Translation, the College of Foreign Languages at the Silesian University of Technology, and Foreign Languages Center of the Medical University of Silesia (Polish abbreviations IKiLA, IJRiT, KJOPŚ, SUM, respectively).

The aim of the group is to carry out research in the field of animal studies, to organize meetings with researchers from other centers, to conduct workshops and seminars in order to acquaint students with subjects related to animal studies, and to organize fairs to collect funds for animals. There are cycles of meetings in the building of the Philological Department, at 5 Grota-Roweckiego Street in Sosnowiec.

BESTO functions under the patronage of Laboratorium Animal Studies – Trzecia Kultura (the Laboratory of Animal Studies – Third Culture).

The members of the Philological Research Group BESTO are:
Michał Krzykawski, PhD (IJRiT)
Dr hab. Marzena Kubisz (IKiLA)
Dominika Pieczka, MA (KJOPŚ)
Małgorzata Poks, PhD (IKiLA)
David Schauffler, PhD (IJA)
Dr hab. Eugenia Sojka (IKiLA)
Agata Sitko, PhD (SUM)
Zuzanna Szatanik, PhD (IJRiT)
Ewa Wylężek, MA (IKiLA)