The Surplus of Culture: Sense, Common-Sense, Non-Sense

Ewa Borkowska, Tomasz Burzyński, red.

This multifaceted volume presents the elusive surplus of culture in the spotlight of theory and academic practice. Despite its overtly economic implications, the concept alludes to the added value of sense, common sense and nonsense which is represented as languages of irony, irrationality and absurdity potentially subverting traditional and mainstream “regimes” of culture. Consequently, the “moment of surplus” is inherent in critical interpretation in which supposedly well-entrenched notions suddenly reveal their implicitly shattering and subversive nature.

The surplus of culture dwells at the risky intersection of untamed interpretation and tradition. It is the space of the “third” in which literary canons are re-visited, language reveals its hidden political agendas, the Orient reclaims its own cognitive perspective and established structures of cognition are questioned in the tragic-comic gesture of insight. The volume is a must for scholars and researchers in the fields of cultural studies, literature and arts as well as literary theory.

Additional information

Ewa Borkowska, Tomasz Burzyński, red. The Surplus of Culture: Sense, Common-Sense, Nonse..., Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011.
Pages: 255
ISBN: 978-1-4438-3213-7
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