Centred on the metaphor of bridges and knots, this volume investigates the dialogic and dialectical relationships between socially dissimilar and topographically distant cultures. The contributions here explore various methodological frameworks for discourses and theories that purport to conceptualize cultural spaces, which – as opposed to objective, geographical areas – are characterized by the propensity to bind topographical distances by means of symbolic ties and perimeters. The chapters address possible juxtapositions and intersections of spatial and temporal dimensions of cultural practice, religious and ethical “ties and knots” between lands and cultures, disconnections between historical, literary and cultural epochs, discourses of cultural entanglement and cultural ensnarement on individual and social levels, and the possibilities of raising aesthetic bridges between various cultures in music, poetry and visual arts, among other topics.

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  • Imię Autora 1 Agnieszka
  • Nazwisko Autora 1 Adamowicz-Pośpiech
  • Imię Autora 2 Ewa
  • Nazwisko Autora 2 Borkowska
  • Imię Autora 3 Tomasz
  • Nazwisko Autora 3 Kalaga
  • Książka współredagowana Tak
  • Tytuł Bridges between Cultures. Ties and Knots
  • Wydawca Cambridge Scholars
  • Miejsce wydania Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Year of publication 2018
  • Liczba stron 192
  • Seria Tak
  • ISBN 978-1-5275-0567-4

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