In the epoch of postmodernism, which for many is almost an ostentatious manifestation of cultural exhaustion, question concerning repetition, as a process and a gesture, turn out to be of extreme importance. Can repetition be creative? Is an original act of creation possible in an environment ridden with exhaustion or is culture doomed to more or less efficient reworking of already existing models and patterns? Is recurrence an indispensable condition of cultural progress? The papers collected in this volume do not offer easy answers. They should rather be read as attempts to handle the problems of repetition and originality as related to concerns over the Western cultural identity. In their several bids to answer some of the questions posed by the application of the idea of recycling to the area of culture and to articulate doubts arising therefrom, the authors engage in a debate over the cultural condition of the (post)modern world and identity-(individual and otherwise)-related crises and redefinitions which it might cause.

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  • Imię Autora 1 Wojciech
  • Nazwisko Autora 1 Kalaga
  • Imię Autora 2 Marzena
  • Nazwisko Autora 2 Kubisz
  • Imię Autora 3 Jacek
  • Nazwisko Autora 3 Mydla
  • Książka współredagowana Tak
  • Tytuł Repetition and Recycling: Turns and Returns of Culture
  • Wydawca WSL
  • Miejsce wydania Częstochowa
  • Year of publication 2008
  • Liczba stron 158
  • ISBN 978-83-61425-08-3

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  • Imię Autora 1 Paweł
  • Nazwisko Autora 1 Jędrzejko
  • Książka współredagowana Nie
  • Tytuł Płynność i egzystencja. Doświadczenie lądu i morza a myśl Hermana Melville'a
  • Wydawca
  • Miejsce wydania Katowice
  • Year of publication 2008
  • Liczba stron 372
  • ISBN 978-83-88427-76-3

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