William Shakespeare: Bastards, Fools, and Madcaps. Guest lecture by Professor Jeremy Tambling

Friday, 6 Apr. 2018

The Institute of English Cultures and Literatures invites everyone to a public lecture by Professor Jeremy Tambling, entitled William Shakespeare: Bastards, Fools, and Madcaps. The lecture will be held on 11 April (Wednesday), 13.15, room 0.51

Professor Jeremy Tambling lectured at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Manchester. He has published numerous monographs on literature, culture and literary theory: Narrative and Ideology; Opera and the Culture of Fascism; Lost in the American City: Dickens, James and Kafka; Allegory and the Work of Melancholy: The Late Medieval and Shakespeare. His most recent publication is Histories of the Devil: From Marlowe to Mann and the Manichees.


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