Guest lecture from Professor German Duarte, 6. June 2017.

Wednesday, 31 May. 2017

Professor German A. Duarte of the University of Bogot á Jorge Tadeo Lozano and University of Bolzano will give a talk on 6 June 2017 entitled "Violentology After War". Everybody's welcome! Place: room 4.63. Time: 13:15.

This lecture aims to present a survey on the relationship between the emergence of social violence and the development of select artistic expressions (cinema, literature , and visual arts) in Colombia during the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. This South American country has suffered a long lasting and widespread i nternal conflict for over sixty years. In Colombia, the word violence not only embraces a large semantic field, but also identifies with a social phenomenon, a real historical phase, the so - called La Violencia , a period which influenced all aspects of the country ’s social life. For this reason, violence has generated an independent field of study, violentology , that focuses on the mechanisms of repre sentation of violence within society. Through the analysis of select novels, films and paintings, this lecture will present the limits faced by some Colombian authors in representing such a complex social phenomenon.

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