Gender Studies Centre invites all to a meeting with dr Maciej Duda

Monday, 10 Apr. 2017

Gender Studies Centre is delighted to invite both students and staff to a discussion with Maciej Duda, PhD, devoted to his most recent book, Dogmat Płci. Polska wojna z gender [The Dogma of Sex. The Polish War with Gender]. The event will be held at 5 PM on Wednesday, April 19th, in Drzwi zwane koniem, ul. Warszawska 37, Katowice. The event is addressed not only to people academically involved in gender studies, but also to everyone interested in the thorny issue of the Polish reception of gender, and the recent debates concerning gender equality and politics. The discussion will be chaired by Anna Chromik, PhD, and Michał Kisiel, MA. The event will be held in Polish exclusively.

Maciej Duda, PhD, is a lecturer, researcher, and assistant professor at the University of Szczecin. He is the  author of numerous publications, including Polskie Bałkany. Proza postjugosłowiańska w kontekście feministycznym, genderowym i postkolonialnym. Recepcja polska [The Polish Balkans. Post-Yugoslavian Prose in the Contexts of Feminist, Gender, and Post-colonial Studies. The Polish Reception]. He is a co-editor of three volumes of Gender w podręcznikach [Gender in Schoolbooks]. He was awarded by National Science Centre in Poland. As an anti-discrimination coach, Maciej Duda cooperates with both government and private institutions, and NGOs.

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