Special Prize for Sprint-Write students during StartUp Games Sosnowiec

Friday, 17 Mar. 2017

Startup Games Sosnowiec was an event organised by Ogrody Przedsiębiorczości which took place in Cinema City on 7th of March 2017 in Sosnowiec. Its program was mostly focused around the game concept competition which gathered around ten projects in total. Each concept was presented in 4-minute pitch-presentations and could be further explained within 2 minutes of Q&A time. Wicked Shapes, set up by a group of Sprint-Write students, came to compete with DREM (a dark adventure point&click game that was also presented during Student Research Festival in 2016) and their new project titled Wicked Quest (fantasy shoot'em up in caricature style). While neither of Wicked Shapes' projects won any of the main prizes, DREM won a special prize for an original concept.

The 1st place  prize was  awarded to Ignis, a fantasy dueling game featuring wizards and 120 spells. The 2nd place was won by Indygo: a somewhat educational project about a depressed artist which features a hand-drawn graphic style. The 3rd main prize went to the Hexidice, a strategic game focused on dice-based mechanics and territory conquering. Congratulations!

Wicked Shape Team:
Artur Kandziora
Maria Bochnak
Robert Kędryna
Dagna Konior
Frey Stępień

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